Warranty Information

In case of an approved warranty claim, Quantis Custom Kits will repair or replace without charge at our discretion any item that has been returned. Please make sure to read crash replacement program and garment care information. 



This warranty covers the original owner of a Quantis Custom Kits product for 1 year from the delivery date of that product against:


• Sewing issues such as seam bursting and pulling

• Fabric defects such as runs or cuts in NEW items (must be reported within 48 hours of receipt)

• Zipper failures

• Artwork that is clearly and obviously different than that shown in approval form such as missing logos or design components, logo or panel orientation, for example.

• Incorrectly tagged or labeled items (ie. size, gender, or fit style)


This warranty does NOT cover:

• Normal wear and tear

• Product that has been altered or modified by the user

• Minor variation in artwork or color presentation, please be sure to request a test print if coloration or logo clarity at size is essential!

• Wear of fabrics due to extensive normal use such as UV degradation, graphic fading

•  Abrasion against Velcro or pack straps

• Abrasion from saddle seams or scuff guards

• Wear and tear from use under wetsuits or lifejackets

• Wear of fabrics due to improper care such as chlorinated pools, bleach, harsh cleaners, dry cleaning

• Damages due to impact or fall (see our crash replacement program!)




Please contact brett@quantiscustomkits.com




Quantis Custom Kits are made to perform optimally for it’s intended use, not necessarily to last forever. 

Following these guidelines will help you get the longest functional use from your gear:

1. Follow washing cycle directions (wash gentle, cold water, hang dry).

2. Avoid chemicals, fabric softeners, and harsh soaps.

3. Rinse after riding, don’t leave your gear dirty if you can’t wash it right away.

4. Turn your gear inside out when washing, and don’t wash with zippers undone or with other items that could abrade your gear like Velcro.

5. Get out there and enjoy your gear!