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This is for donations. Some of you may know my story but for those who don’t this is for you. Almost 11 years ago now I found myself in the hospital with what was thought at the time was appendicitis. Well after some issues and bad decision not of my own I had a visit to ICU and a 40% chance to live through the night. As you can tell I am a fighter and decided I wouldn’t let what was not known at the time to be Crohn’s get the best of me. I fought hard in the stay and was on the road to recovery. After 2 years of having pains and not feeling like myself I had to go in for more tests and ended up having a bowel resection. 


Fast forward to 3 years ago. I was out for dinner on my daughters birthday and we went into a running store next to the restaurant and my daughter saw a poster about a local triathlon and said “daddy you should do this” so I decided I would do it. I was very out of shape and started training that week. I decided I didn’t want an Olympic distance to be my first race so I signed up for a sprint distance the week before the Olympic I had already registered for. I made it through the sprint but was not easy at all. And had a week to work on what I needed to for the Olympic and did much better there. After the Olympic I had been toying with the idea that I wanted to do an Ironman here in my hometown. 


After a couple months of doing some research and watching videos and getting approval from my wife I signed up in November 2017 for the October 2018 race. Later I found out that Crohns and Colitis Foundation was the charity sponsor for that particular race and found it fitting to race in orange and run in their honor. 


After hundreds of hours of training race day was fast approaching. I was feeling the best I had ever felt physically and was ready to go. I officially toed the line and made my first Ironman start 10 years to the day of the night that I had a 40% chance of living through the night in that hospital. I was in the battle for my life back then and race day I was in a battle against the clock and the weather conditions... 


Temps had gone from mid 80’s to high 40’s and raining in 3 days the week of the race. I again fought hard that day and after 15 hours, 28 minutes and 15 seconds I crossed that finish line and officially became an Ironman for the first time with my closest friends and family there cheering me on the whole way. It was a truly amazing and emotional experience. 


I have decided to do the race again this year and in the last year since the race I have started my own triathlon suit company. I am accepting donations to help cover the cost of the race fees and a custom suit commemorating my journey along the way and to hopefully help raise as much awareness as possible for the Crohn’s and Colitis community. Any donation will help make these goals become a reality. 


Thank You,

Brett Workman